Friday, May 25, 2012

First Friday

Okay friends, you get the first peak again...

I think she is enjoying her Mom's lap. Looks like a smiler.
She's still a little shy for her own blog just yet.

We're still deciding on a name, but I think it will be a variation of Quill (Quilly or Quillian). I was joking about naming a new kitty Sequel and then I thought of Quill. Sorta fitting for a writer's cat. She loves the keyboard and adding in her two cents too.

She is so tiny. She was rescued at about five weeks from her stray Momma with a brother and sister. The very nice woman who rescued her had already fallen in love with her. She said she was the bravest of the kittens and the natural ringleader. She is probably about six and a half weeks now, we scooped her up on Tuesday night. Still a little skittish around hubby but she was around me too at first.

I had gotten to a place where I thought my grieving was almost done. Mother's Day was awful, getting Fin's ashes back was horrible, but I thought I was doing okay. I think I was just stalling fully grieving over my girl with my kitten frenzy. Suddenly I had a kitten, but I was struck with the sadness I had been holding back, when I realized no other baby would be my Finny. Not that I will love a new kitty less, but she isn't Fin and that made me sad in a way I had tried to avoid. 

The good news is that it's hard to be sad for long when you have a bouncing kitten ready to make you laugh. Bouncing kitten is good healing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Sorta

See, and you thought subscribing to my personal blog wouldn't get you any special perks.

I'm not ready to share the details yet, but I thought you might enjoy this tiger-striped leg.