Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hostile Work Environment

The other day I was sitting at my desk and my co-worker, kitten Quill, was busy killing something by my foot. I started to feel a little pawing at my leg, but I brushed him aside without much thought.

You see my boy is often confused on what (or who) is a climbing tree. Usually he scurries up the back of my chair (picture Velcro kitten), uses my back for the last foot, and then leaps from my shoulder onto my keyboard.

I've learned to save my work often... and wear high collars.

So back to the pawing - suddenly he got the idea he could just use the front of me as his climbing post. Claws in the leg and claw in the breast. It was not good. So I shouted out -

"That chit is not professional!!"

Of course this made me giggle, as I wiped away the blood. I do love my boy, but his work ethics are sketchy. I may have to report this as a hostile work environment.