Monday, February 25, 2013

Jumping In

So posting about the script last week to all of you gave me the courage to jump a little farther. I sent out my pitch to a couple of high school pals in the business. We'll see what happens - no word yet.

The story about the woman who feels other peoples pain is not autobiographical I'm happy to report. I have always felt pain deeply - at least I think I do.

When I was a kid my family often accused me of being overly dramatic when it came to pain. After many years - I began to wonder if they were right. Did I have a lower tolerance to the bumps and bruises of life? If I did, was it all in my head or was it really in my body.

Very early in life I had a desire to show someone what my pain felt like - or to see what their pain felt like to them. Pain is so subjective - and so personal. It is felt physically and emotionally different by everyone.

As a young woman I developed an autoimmune illness that caused me daily pain. My pain became something I had to find a way to live with. I tried to find the silver lining in feeling the way I did. I can't say I've welcomed my pain, but I have found ways to accept it.

When my hubby developed a horrifyingly painful condition, my whole view of pain changed. I remember seeing him in such pain and telling him that if I could take away his pain I would. He said something that surprised me so much.

He said he loved me too much to allow me to suffer instead. I realized how much that answer meant to me.How much more I loved him because of his answer.