Friday, March 8, 2013

Farwell Fridge

After many years of needing a new one, we got a new fridge!

I'm trying not to feel guilty about my purchase and feeling a need to justify buying a fridge. Old habits die hard. Cause we really needed a new fridge.

Over the years many of the bars on the door broke. Hubby has glued and taped to keep it all together. One of us got the bright idea to use a bungee cord to hold in the peas on the freezer door. Yep, we were pretty proud of that piece of ingenuity.

The new fridge was a splurge and so worth it. Every time I open the door and it lights up I have this "Ahhhhh" moment. I have positioned the water jug so the light comes through it and it sparkles. Yes I know that sounds like a crazy person, but I really love it.

I realized my food was not looking up to snuff. So I bought some new containers too. First time I used one my hubby thought they were the disposable kind and threw it in the trash. I found it in the bag at the curb just in time. Whew.

Our power company has a recycling program and they came to pick up the old fridge. On it's way down the driveway I see this giant cloud of dust coming off the coils in the back. I had sudden visions of Pigpen. I was glad the guy was walking in front of it, and that there was a good stiff breeze.

Oddly I wasn't that sad to see the old ham safe go.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing Hooky

Friday I played hooky from work with a friend. It was such a nice time.

What is it about taking time out from the routine that just can perk you up? I really needed a break.  We window shopped till we dropped. 

Maybe I should take another time out and see a movie in the middle of the week. Scandalous.

I know my hooky days are pretty tame, but still it was enough.

I think it's time to move forward with getting the screenplay out into the world. In the meantime it's been an odd time of mental rest.

The story has been in my head - demanding to be let out - for so long. It feels different to not have it pressing against my conscious for awhile.

Have you ever had a creative idea move in to your head and refuse to leave until it's been expressed?

Next time one takes root I'll be less afraid of that feeling and be faster about getting it out.