Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Off and On

Week three of my new job and I swing wildly from feeling like I may be getting it, and other moments when I am equally sure I am not. I have one foot in trainee mode and the other foot in doing real work. Neither footing feels particularly firm at this moment.

I'm sure it will all pass in time. There will come a day when I will say "I got this" - I just hope it comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime I will hold my head frequently so as not to allow it to burst.

I'm so grateful to have a new job. I really do feel it found me as much as I found it, so I have full faith that it will all be okay. Deep breath. I guess I am just not used to being this out of my depth at work - at home, that's another story.

I don't know what to do with my kitty blog. My girl is doing better than expected, but she's not doing much in the way of pawparazzi-worthy frolicking. I go from being sure I should try again to retire the blog for now, to being sure I should find another way to make it all work (cat-a-lympics headquarters, get a new kitten, or who knows what else).

I need to get back to writing again too. I've been on too long of a break from it and I feel out of sorts as a result.

I need to find my center. In the meantime thanks for reading my rantings. I hope to rally very soon.