Friday, December 16, 2011

The First

Hello World!

It's me, Meg, ::whispers:: and I'm human. Maybe some of you saw that one coming. If you're new here you're likely to be confused by that revelation, so let me explain. 

I'm starting my own blog after blogging for three plus years using my cat's voice. Why blog as a cat? It started as a way to find an audience for a book called Housecat Confidential that I wrote in her voice. I guess I should back up even more - why write a book as a cat?

Speaking in my cat's voice all began by trying to mimic my cat's many variations on meow. She is a true kitty linguistic, and it did seem like you could really understand her wants and needs if you could just crack the code.

Eventually my hubby and I began to interpret those vocalization into English. Once we had her talking, it didn't take long for us to begin to insert our humor into those interpretations.Why ask "Honey, can you feed the cat?" when there are so many more fun ways to ask when you ask it like the cat would?

I have to admit my girl Fin didn't initially seem to be the brightest star in the sky, until the day I realized her "playing dumb" was an effective way to get what she wanted. Finny De Floof - Master Mind was born. 

Suddenly all the odd (but turns out perfectly normal) behavior of a cat took on new meaning to me. I began to try to see life through her eyes, and it was a life I liked looking at. It was filled with love (for us and a more forbidden variety with a toy mouse), hope (surely that can of tuna will be opened soon), work stresses (humans don't wake themselves) and many of the same frustrations we all face.

The world was a more interesting place from her point of view. I could learn to take life and myself less serious - why just have self-deprecating humor when you can have a cat do it for you. 

Her world was much smaller, but somehow much richer too. I started to realize that she had everything she needed to be happy within our home, and when I opened my heart I realized I did too. I started a journey to find the same joy and wonder in life and within myself, and I stopped looking for outside things to make me happy.

In the end I found that I wasn't alone, turns out there were a lot of other kind people who also like to look at the world through the eyes of a cat. So what does the world look like through my human eyes? I guess we'll all figure that out if you stick around, and I sure hope you do.


  1. I'm FIRST!?! Woohoo! Meg, I'm looking forward to this.
    From a fellow Human, Trish

  2. Just missed out being the first to mieow in your blog. Yes, I persist in staying and commenting as a cat.

  3. Everything you need is right here....that's so beautiful, Meg. I'm going to love looking at the world through your human eyes.
    xo Debbie

  4. Looking forward to keeping up with you this way, Meg.

    Hufflemum Tracey

    Now why did I feel the need to define myself as Hufflemum?

  5. Hi Meg, great first post :) I'm sure you will find yourself a bit at sea for a while, but I should avail yourself of any sage literary advice that Fin might share. It'll be worth it in the end ;)

  6. Hello fellow humans and kitties. Thanks for joining me. Big hugs to you! I already find myself wanting to refer to myself in the third person.

  7. Hi, Meg, I'm glad to see you have a new blog. I look forward to seeing you find your own voice in the blogsphere.

  8. Hi Fin's Mom. We guesses it is OK for you to have your own blog as our Mommy has tons of her own blogs (hisses and growls) but we wants lots of guest post by Fin please. ~Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

  9. Welcome!
    Gotcha on my daily blog roll now!
    That Fin, such a beauty.

  10. We think it's great that Fin is the inspiration for creating your own blog, Meg. Looking forward to your posts and a few guest spots from Fin.

    Regards and purrs,

    & Nina, the mom

  11. Welcome Meg!!! I am excited to get to know you better, any mom of Fin's is a friend of mine! :) Although sorry to hear Fin is retiring, I am glad she allowed you to take over....she DID approve this right? I am looking forward to reading all about you adventures as a human. ;)

  12. Hi Meg. Looking forward to reading your new blog. After three plus years it will be difficult not to see things from Fin's point of view now and again. I started a blog just for holiday photos with very little writing, but I still found myself saying, "....and then the Beans..." or "Mum said...." and had to go back and change it. I hope there will be the occasional guest post from Fin.

  13. We do hope that you blog lots, and that Fin will be up to doing guest posts. REALLY we are purring that, even if the vet is right, Fin still has a couple of her 9 lives left. Sending purrs and headbutts and hugs to you, because we know how much you love your Finny.

  14. Welcome to the blogging world as yourself. I have been writing my pet blog for so long I sometimes get confused - am I "I" or "we" at this moment? Hope Fin will come by and say hello at least occasionally.

  15. Hope you don't mind us cats commenting...oh all right, maybe we'll let our mom comment as a human.

  16. Hi Meg! Even though I'm posting this under the Island Cats, it's really me...their mom. Oh, I'm sure I'll slip up every once and awhile and let the cats leave a comment! ;) Nice to see your new blog!!


  17. I wouldn't dream of NOT sticking around


  18. I'll visit you when I have time, that's for sure !!!

    JC & The Purr and Fur Gang

  19. Thanks so much to all of you! This has been so hard to make this decision, but having your support means the world to me.

    You may feel free to comment as humans or kitties, all are welcome here! And if some days you don't feel like commenting, that's fine too.

    Much love and hugs!

  20. I love you Baby Sister and I look forward to this journey too.

  21. Hi Meg!
    What a lovely first post.
    I will be back to check in on you.
    I may only be in disguise as Abby, but I'm her Mom

  22. Great first post! We've got you on blog roll, so we can keep up.(Send Fin sum kisses from us.)

  23. When my husband died in 2007, one of the things I read at his memorial service was something like what you are seeking, so I know you will understand these words...

    'I so envy our cats. They just work with whatever hand life deals them. They don't worry about tomorrow and they don't regret yesterday. They just take things in stride and figure things out as they go, because they put one foot in front of the other and go on. Sometimes that is what it takes--putting one foot in front of the other, until it gets easier.'...