Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I feel so torn this year. I love to decorate the house for the holidays. I had stopped for a few sad years and then started up again about three years ago.

It made me so happy to sit reading a book with the twinkle of Christmas lights all over the place. Aside from a few whaps at ornaments and lots of naps under the tree my Finny was a well behaved elder statescat. I miss her so much this year. I just knew last year that is would likely be the last Christmas holiday with my girl. I made a point to enjoy every moment I had with her.

Enter our boy. We just adore him. He is so crazy though, and such a klutz. I know he will be unable to resist, well, everything. I think instead of a star at the top of the tree we will have a very ample-sized kitten.

Ornaments? They don't stand a chance.

The mantle? Questionable. With stockings? Um, no.

The "snow-covered" mini trees on the pass-thru? Dangerous.

The white feather theme? Seems a risky choice at this time.

The delicate glass icicles? Um, maybe never again.


  1. Have nothing breakable. Seriously. I learned that with Chumley and Annie, and even went some holidays with no tree.

    Now I decorate with non-breakables, so it doesn't really matter if the boys whap a few around. They were good last year, though, I must say. Which probably has jinxed me for this year.

    One thing I do, though: Cover the cord for the tree lights--the part that extends from the tree to the outlet--in tin foil (ie wrapped around). Doesn't look good, but it's hidden and prevents Nicki from "tasting" the cord.)

  2. We gave up on a "normal" Christmas tree - it's decorated in Christmas themed dog & cat toys. If they knock something off, at least I know it's safe for them to play with!

  3. I'd go for cat-floof garland...that ample-sized kitten should supply LOTS!

  4. Our house has a formal living room that has French Doors, as well as a casual family room. The tree goes int he living room and cats are only allowed in for a short while on Christmas morning. Though there are some quite good non breakable ornaments available now that look like the breakable colored balls. Audrey did fine with those at her first Mom's house.

  5. When they were younger, my boys used to climb the tree. I have last count of the times I found it pulled over. I only used unbreakable decorations during those years but now they no longer climb the tree my good decorations have come back out, but only near the top of the tree as they still think anything they can reach is whappable.

  6. We're in the same boat....Raz is so full of "fun" we're not sure what will happen. Mom did decorate our fireplace and put some decorations in front of it. Raz went over to check them out (she put him in the bedroom when she decorated) but a couple of loud Nos and the bag of the newspaper on the chair discouraged him. So far, he hasn't been back!!

    Good luck!!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. We're so glad you have sweet Quill...Christmas time is always hard when you're missing someone. Even though the white feathers and glass icicles will likely sit this year out, you're going to have SO much kitten fun!
    xo, GG

  8. Laurie and the "Girls"November 23, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    We have an unbreakable themed tree!

  9. You could try a small tree. My boys didn't bother it outside of a few sniffs. Norton did like to sleep under it though. They climb everything else though including the bookshelves and mantel. (As I pick up Christmas cards from the floor again.)