Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who is In?

So a few years ago I thought about the best parts of X-mas gifting. Here was my list:
  1. Giving the perfect gift to someone - the perfect one - that lights them up.
  2. Receiving the perfect gift - the one you want - but would never feel okay about splurging on.
  3. Wrapping paper - I like the wrapping and unwrapping. 
  4. The look of surprise on your loved one's face. 
So I came up with this brilliant plan to get all of the above:

  1. You and your gift recipient come up with a budget for the gift. 
  2. You go out and buy yourself the exact present you want. Your recipient does the same and gets whatever they want.
  3. You wrap yours and your partner wraps their own gift.
  4. On X-Mas you switch gifts and open the other person's gift to themselves. Allowing for unwrapping and surprise. I think it would be so fun to see what the other person really wanted, plus you still get your present back - giving you the perfect gift too.

Who is with me?


  1. I like this! Um, can I just order from Amazon and skip all the steps?

  2. Nope! Na-da! Nine!
    That does not work for me.
    I LOVE whatever I get. I love the surprise and there are so many times when I've received a gift, thinking WTF..
    and later realized they knew me, better than I know me!
    Nellie's Mom (whose birthday is also Christmas Day)
    And Looking forward to the surprises under this 59th year

  3. Sounds like a good idea, but (nice) surprises are fun too.

  4. Trying to get someone a great gift requires that you really focus in on them and their feelings in a deeper way than you might normally. Plus there is something special about their reaction to the gift and the knowledge that you were really listening to them. That is a gift in itself. If you miss the mark you can always give them the gift receipt and try again next year.

  5. With Trish on this one!!! Faffing with wrapping and stuff. Let's cut to the chase!! ;)

  6. I think that sounds like a fun idea!!! I will definitly squirrel this away in the old brain box for next year.