Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well finally you get a real perk for reading this blog. 

First peek.

Better limber up your squee muscles.

Meet our Greyson. 

I'll be sharing all the details on my Housecat Confidential blog, but here's the low down. We scooped up Greyson last Monday. I had met him about two weeks before, but he had a very bad cold and was put in quarantine. 

He is about 4 months old. He is very friendly and playful. He likes to wrestle and therein lies my worry. He and Quill are getting along pretty well, but Quill isn't always sure how to take the little fella. 

I've never had two cats before, so I don't always know what is acceptable play and when things are getting a little too hot. Greyson will pounce Quill and then Quill gives chase and it usually ends in a wrestle. After awhile of that things seem to get a little hotter. When I put one in the cool zone they cry to get back together and play patty paws under the door.

Greyson is a frustrated squeaker (he squeaks at us too at times). So it's hard to tell if he's in trouble or just frustrated he can't get the upper paw. 

He is a bit bossy too, he likes to push Quill out of his dish and wants to share Quill's window posts. So I don't want to take away Quill's right to defend his status either.

Greyson seems to want to snuggle with Quill. Quill has given him some sweet licks. They are falling asleep closer and closer.  So I think things are working themselves out. Any advice is welcome, cause we really want it to work out.


  1. Tuesday? 3:30?

    I bet you could hear my squeee at your house!!!!!

  2. How fun and exciting.
    I think they'll get along.
    My boys love each other.
    My girls don't seem to like the boys but that's cause they chase the girls too much.
    Cat nip toys are always fun.
    Napping together too.
    I give each cat their own bowl.
    They can switch it up if they want but sometimes knowing that you own something helps.
    Bring the new baby into the family.
    Let your older cat know that the baby is here to stay.
    I think it should work out.
    I have a rule, once at my house, they stay.
    I tell my gang to get along cause no one is going anywhere.


  3. Greyson is quite handsome. These things take time. We're sure they will be buddies soon.
    The Florida Furkids

  4. What a cutie! Wishing for the best.

  5. How exciting! Greyson is absolutely gorgeous and adorable! My Clarence, Baskin, and Abner are very energetic boycats and play together all the time. I am so glad they have each other. The sound of them playing together is pure joy! They play rough by tackling and wrestling, and are very vocal with each other using all sorts of crazy sounds. When they growl, that seems to be a sign that one of them is no longer enjoying the rough play, so when I hear one of them growl that is when I intervene and make sure everyone is playing nice. I know Quill and Greyson will have great of fun together.

  6. Oh Greyson is adorable! I'm so happy you got Quill a playmate! I'm sure they will get along just fine. Wally and Ernie will play together...running and chasing each other...and wrestling. Usually they are fine, but when it sounds like things are getting out of hand (which doesn't happen that often), I'll break them up. They're always fine afterwards. It warms my heart when I see Wally and Ernie snoozing together, which happens often. It sounds like Quill and Greyson are going to be great buddies.

  7. OMC! How adorable! From what you are telling us we think they will work it out just fine, especially if sweet licks are being administered. OMC!


  8. What a cutie! I bet Binga and Boodie play rougher than Quill and Greyson - sometimes Boodie even has to give Binga a hiss to let her know she has gone too far. I worry... but then Boodie goes back for more! It sounds to me like they are doing fine - better than fine, in fact. I think they are already well on their way to becoming great friends. You know the wrassling has gone too far when squeaks turn into shrieks or somebody is howling at an ever-increasing volume. But it sounds more to me like your usual rough kitten play.

  9. How cute ! I adopted Zorro 1month ago, and it's the same story with Loupi. Quill and Greyson are going to be greats catpals

  10. What a handsome pair they make!

  11. OMC, OMC!!!!!


    I'll bet they'll be just fine together. Nicki & Derry wrestle pretty intensely, but only sometimes does it seem serious. I don't worry too much because both boys are evenly matched, for the most part. I *have* broken them up a few times, and of course when Nicki turns on Derry in redirected aggression from an encounter with another cat outside, as on Saturday AM. But those are rare true fights--you can hear and see the difference, trust me.

  12. How wonderful that Quill has a new brother! My two, Charlie and Lucy are actual siblings, but they roughhouse with each other a lot. I only break them up when it seems like things are getting out of hand. Sounds like it is just normal kitten behavior - they play rough and the next thing you know they are sleeping together. Separate food bowls is a good thing - each of mine seems to know whose bowl is whose and they respect that (for the most part! LOL). Can't wait to meet Greyson and hear lots of stories of his and Quill's adventures!

  13. TWO ample sized kittehs! You is seriously in for some fun!


  14. Sounds a lot like us. We get along, then wrassle, leave each other alone, play THoE, etc. After 3 years, no damage.

  15. Awwwwww...all of the cute (and none of the sneezing)! Dog play is difficult to find the line between play and ferocious beasts as well!