Monday, April 8, 2013


I was strolling through the grocery store the other day when I spied them. A whole display of lovely orchid plants.

I just love orchids. I had them all over my wedding, so many years ago. The are special to me. They're so delicate and yet sturdy too. Often they need a little support to stand tall and I think it's a nice reminder that we all need a little support sometimes.

Now, I love them - too much to take them home. Because I fear I am a killer - of plants. I do try to keep them healthy. I tend to be an overwaterer. Kill em with kindness is my motto.

Plus of course they are pricey and I have mentioned before I am a little cheap. I typically can't justify 20+ dollars for a plant.

So like every other time I see the bounty of loveliness - I headed right over to admire them. Then I saw the price. A 4.99 Easter blow-out. Seriously? Five bucks! Seriously!

So now I have a lovely orchid plant on the kitchen counter. Creamy white petals with bold pink centers. I am enjoying them so very much.

No special occasion - just life - and I'm seeing that is reason enough to treat yourself to something special. 


  1. I saw those!! They were beautiful...F & E, right?

  2. I also love orchids since seeing them at the Botanical Gardens, Glasgow. There they had an exhibition which included a rare Slipper Orchid! So memorable!

  3. Sounds like a Phalaenopsis? My brother is an orchid specialist, gives talks and stuff and looks after the collection at the our university botanical gardens. Orchids are indeed very special. So well done on getting a good deal :)

  4. I kill Orchids too but I keep trying. I don't mean I try to kill them, I TRY to keep them alive. Maybe I need to watch for sales too.
    PS Orchids are not poisonous to kitties.
    Lillies are so don't even bring them into the house (voice of experience) Sam survived just fine after a visit to the vet and a massive amount of charcoal... he avoided all flowers after that :)