Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crabby Kitties

I don't know what got into the boys today, but they were a handful. So crazy because yesterday they were so cute together you could almost hurt yourself from squealing over this scene...

Today they must have gotten into some disagreement (maybe Quill demanded equal time?) and the daily wrestling matches took on an unfriendly tone. Funny that I am not sure who is the one being too aggressive. They both look like they are giving it all they have. Quill outweighs Greyson by a lot but is really gentle, and Greyson is small and scrappy. I have never found even a scratch on Greyson, but he is a squealer. Quill is usually silent but I find an occasional little scab. 

Today wasn't too serious, but I decided to separate them a few times. I worry sometimes that it isn't a fair fight. Of course as soon as I did they cried by the door to get back to each other. 

I'd think we were all friends and then it was "on" again. Sigh. Right now they are sleeping around my chair and seem to be friends again.


  1. Laurie and the "Girls"October 11, 2013 at 4:18 AM

    Typical brothers! Fight to the death and then best friends again! Good thing they aren't girls for the grudge would be held forever!

  2. Yes, typical. Nicki and Derry are like this and sometimes it looks pretty serious to me. Once in a while I break it up, but most times I just let them have at it. Derry gives as good as he gets too, and at least half the time HE starts it!

    Thanks for stopping by the Musings blog for Nicki! :-)

  3. Teddi is our squealer, but she is also a complete drama queen; so if some kitty gets too close to her, she squeals and makes a huge scene. Aside from that I'm always surprised by how well my cats get along. I don't think any of my cats are "alpha" cats. They are all somewhat submissive to each other,