Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Could It Be - Part Two

I know I said I was gonna bring the funny this week, but I don't think I've found my funny stride just yet as a human.This may come as a shock, but as a cat I never struggled. I just wrote whatever came into my head, or whatever my kitty girl was up to, and fully trusted in it. Of course I wasn't always successful at being funny, but I rarely stressed about it. I never worried about offending anyone either, Fin likes gravy and your kit likes dry, no offense taken.

As a human I've been pressuring myself to be... something, else. Something I was never going to live up to. So I've decided I'm just gonna be me. Sometimes that means I'll be funny, sarcastic and self-deprecating (and prepare yourself because I'm not above bathroom humor). Sometimes that will mean I will pull at your hart strings (I know I couldn't resist the pun) and try to evoke a memory or a feeling. Sometimes it may mean that I unintentionally offend you, and I swear in advance it's not my intention to do so.

I didn't intend for a part two from my post yesterday, but I was inspired by your comments to delve a little deeper. Maybe I'm not alone, but I feel like I'm sometimes two very different people in one body.

In the example of yesterday's post - I am the kind of person who would help a stranger get their ill-planned groceries home, or at least I want to be. I want to be able to live life with a joyful innocence, but that is hard for me - because I am also a person who learned early that the world is not always safe and filled with kindness.

It is something I struggle with, trying to find the balance between opening my heart and still protecting it, but then I'm only human.


  1. Meg, I think it is so hard to be funny, I always slide into snark--not that there's ANYTHING wrong with snark...

    SEE! There I go again. Rats.

  2. Well, just relax and go for it! And, Katnip Lounge is definitely funny!

  3. Just being your real Self is a gift to us all, I think.

    I wouldn't offer to give someone a lift in that situation (I am reading, just not commenting much while on holiday). But if it ever occurs again, and it IS kitty litter--you could offer to take their heavy groceries or the litter and follow them home or whatever. They'd probably think YOU were nuts and were out to do them harm. LOL.

    I actually had someone, a few years ago, insist on giving me a lift on a Sunday, from the grocery store home. I was headed to the bus stop with its once-an-hour service and she really did insist, looked safe. She said she lived down the street from me, so I took a chance and it was okay.

    As for humour...I can't do it. I'm a cynical, distrustful, often sarcastic person, not "light" in my Being at all, so I struggle on the cats' blog. Easier to just post pics there. Much easier to be "me" on my personal blog!

  4. Ooooh!! I don't know the difference between funny and snark??? I think I try to be amusing, but end up sarky. We can only be what we are, Meg, and if people like it, they stay and if they don't, they go! Strangely, I think there is a lot of Fin in you ;)

  5. Meg, take a lesson from Fin, just be who you are and folks will love you for that. Somehow a cat never needs to look for approval, but they always get it just the same. I think its the take it or leave it attitude that I love best about them. You are doing great so far!!! Sorry I haven't commented, we were on vacation but I have been reading and your story about your Grandmother really did tug at my Hart strings, I cried in the Airport. My grandmother was a lot like yours and our morning breakfast was Pancakes or waffles, which ever I wanted, she had a red satin quilted robe with pretty rhinestone buttons and ohhh how I loved my time with her. Thank you for the walk down memory lane and letting us have a peek. :) Happy New Year!

  6. Sometimes I find that being funny when speaking is easier than trying to put it in writing...
    I think there are many of us who try to find that's just not easy.

  7. Ah! Balance! As people we have "filters". We should do this, we should say that, we should not say or do....
    Well, you know what I mean, but when we are our cat, we can say what we want without fear! “The cat is above all things, a dramatist.”
    Nellie's Mom!

  8. Oh Meg.....were we separated at birth??? I have the same struggles. In life AND in blogging. I want to be the good samaritan, but often find myself scared or hesitant over the possible, albeit improbable, consequences.

    And as far as blogging is FAR easier for me to be snarky, sarcastic and funny in my cat's voice. I know I'M writing her voice, therefore she MUST be me. But when I switch over to my own voice, the humor and sarcasm just seem to disappear. It's strange.

    Just know that you are definitely NOT alone! haha!
    : ) your 'Minnesota' sister,

  9. you HAVE to be YOU...whatever YOU that you are feeling that day is the YOU we want YOU to be!

    Bring it on! We can take it!