Monday, April 30, 2012

Block Two

My next block was a worry that I had about dedication.

I have always been a person who is very driven at working for someone else. I have also been a person who is un-motivated when it comes to working for myself.

I worried that if I was allowed to work at home writing that I would be unable to work and accomplish things. I am in month three of my new job of working from home. I am happy to report I am just as dedicated to my work when I am home.

So I've proved to myself that I can be dedicated and get a full days work done on a daily basis. Would I be that dedicated if I was writing the things I want to write - rather than the things I am getting paid to write? Well it's still a question, but I see it for what it is now.

It's fear. It's another block in the wall of things that hold me back. I now know that I am capable of great dedication to work even at home. So would I rather write about worky stuff or about my screenplay, or novel, or this blog, or my new cat book? I think the answer is clear.

Since writing the things I feel passionate about doesn't pay the bills yet, I will be filling my off-hours with the same dedication to my own ideas. Don't I deserve to have the same level of dedication for myself that I give so freely to others?

Yes I do. Block broken and slowly being removed.


  1. Rock On! Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it! And You and me are those somebodies!
    Nellie' Mom

  2. Turning the blocks into stepping stones is quite an achievement!!

  3. One block at a time falling down!

  4. Meg~
    I just want to say that I have been lurking for a loooong time but since I usually get your blog via email on my blackberry I haven't been able to comment.
    I have been encouraged to see you be so real and show your struggles with work and writing and transitioning through new phases of your life. I have been inspired to start blogging again, so thank you so much!
    Hang in there!

  5. Hi Meg! So happy to hear the at-home gig is going well. I often wonder if I could make it through all the distractions. So kudos to you for maintaining the dedication. Good luck finding the bliss when the clock strikes 5. I have to ask...Do you work in bunny slippers? ; )