Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking Forward

My hubby found my senior class picture recently. It was such an odd experience for me. I thought about two things.

One - I really like the original color of my hair. It has been years since I have really seen that color. I had totally forgotten what color it used to be, before dye. It was like a dark, reddish blonde. Kinda of like a light auburn, but not like the colors I've tried from a box. So how much of a dork do I seem if I bring my senior picture into the salon and say - make my hair this color?

Two - Hubby asked me what I was thinking about with my serious face photo in my pearls. I'm sure I was thinking something like "Like, this is my SENIOR picture! Like, I hope it turns out cute, like it's my SENIOR picture!" Yes, I, like, was a Valley Girl.

It did get me thinking though.. what did that girl want to be when she grew up? If she saw where she landed at 46 would she be surprised? Would she (like) be (like) disappointed?

She thought she would be an actress. She did like writing, but she thought everyone could do it. I do think she would be upset at the state of her butt... and I know she would tell me to dye this (like) mousey gray mop of hair.


  1. What, no picture...I'll have to dig out mine...I think I curled my hair on orange juice cans...

  2. Let's not even go here. I thought my senior pic was not good. I look back now and think, "was I blind"?

  3. A senior picture sharing event!!!! That's a cool idea! ....oh the big hair, the bad makeup, the scary fashion... this could be good!
    ; )


    ps - a visit to the salon can make you feel better than chocolate. Ok a visit to the salon AND chocolate is definitely better. But either way, I'm NOT giving up my hair color. In the bottle.

  4. Laurie and The "Girls"July 21, 2012 at 8:56 AM

    I to am 46 and oh how my life is so different from what I imagined I would be at this age! At 18 I wanted to be a wife a mom and a dog person! Funny how curves in the road of life change all that you plan! I am a wife to a wonderful guy and I am "Mom" to four great cats! As for the career, I still have the rest of my life ahead of me to figure out what I want to do when I "grow up!" But for right now I am where I am suppose to be! Have a great day and extra loves to Quill!

  5. So why didn’t you like put up your like photo for all of us to like laugh at?