Saturday, September 29, 2012


What makes you realize Fall is here?

Living in Nevada it is sometimes hard to tell. It's almost October 1, and you wouldn't know it was Fall based on the temperature - it's still in the 90's. It always feels like it's warm until about the week of Halloween, and then the next week Winter sets in.

As for changing leaves, well we only have about 10 trees in the state that change leaf color. I don't mean 10 species of trees either - I mean 10 actual trees. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but I don't think so. Those 10 trees have a real problem too, by the time they realize they need to start changing their leaves, it's time to start dropping them.

I love Fall though. If I had my way, Summer would end on July 5th. Well, maybe give it another week or two, move up Labor Day and then right into Fall.

So what tells me Fall is here?

It used to be seeing Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in the craft store. But now they are putting those out in July. Actually I think they are taking my wishes seriously. Yay for me.

The way I really feel like Fall is here? Magazines. I received two magazines in the mail this week and both of them featured Fall! Halloween and Thanksgiving were all over them! I want to roast a vegetable so bad! I'm off to the store to get a butternut squash and a sweet potato.

I'm changing over to my Fall air fresheners too. Hello Cinnamon and Nutmeg! Welcome back!

Maybe I'll just turn down the A/C so it feels cold.


  1. The horrible cold wet summer we have had has confused the trees here. Last week I saw some apple blossom on one of the trees, and the oak tree outside our window has new leaves on it without losing any of it's old leaves. The roses have new buds developing too. Maybe we will have a good winter, but I doubt it.

  2. A few of our trees are turning here but the real color comes late Oct!

  3. Christmas stuff been in the shops since end of August!!

  4. Winter????? You silly kitties don't know the MEANING of winter! haha!
    ...well neither do we considering how warm it was last winter. Not even sure it will snow this year!
    ; ) GG