Monday, September 24, 2012

More Random

Well the Mammogram was all good. I didn't need to worry after all. I hate going to the Doctor. It gets me so stressed out. I think even more as I get older - and I know it's rarely fun and games. So check the chore off the list for now, and add on Dentist. Sigh.

So I abandoned my baby kitten (okay he is almost six months) for two whole days. Of course I pushed all of the anxiety on him in my mind. Meanwhile, I was more nervous than he was I'm sure. He has remained attached to my leg (sometimes literally) since I came home. Poor kitten.

We had such a nice time, but I have to admit I am a homebody... and my body prefers to be home too. I mentioned recently about my issues with hives... so when there are changes to my world, my body gets crabby and hivey.

I have spent so much time over the last few years trying to keep things the same, because of the anticipation of pain.It has made me think of my life in small terms, and I want to start thinking of my life in bigger terms. I want to think big and be small (in size), instead of the reverse.


  1. This is corny but true: no pain, no gain! Some of the awfullest or hardest stuff ends up being the best, in the end.

  2. Being someone who also have to think small in terms of lifestyle and activity, it can be very frustrating! Glad the mammo revealed no nasties :)

  3. There's beauty in the small stuff too....but I know, goals and dreams, exciting and enticing, are also big. That's why they're scary.
    xoxo GG