Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling Lost

No surprise. I am feeling a little lost again. I find myself here so often you would think I'd know the way out by now. I guess when you don't know which way to go - you just need to go somewhere. I'm certain that doing nothing is - doing nothing.

Yet doing nothing is so easy. Really. Just kick up my feet and wait for something. Seems a little passive, especially when I think aggressive is what's called for.

I think I am just feeling a little insecure about my screenplay and the idea of sending out query letters seems a little scary. So if I think it needs something - then I should fix it and get on with it. If I think it's good, then I should get it out there and let someone else tell me differently.

I am even considering taking the time to write it as a novel first. Yes - that is a clear stall technique.I may still want to do that - but it shouldn't prevent me from moving forward.

I read a book that gave some bleak odds on getting a script sold. I'm sure that's true but the chance of failure is 100% if I give up without trying. Just let it go crazy lady! Get on with it!!


  1. At least you have written something.
    Me, I've been thinking about writing forever.
    Hope you get some bids on that screenplay.

    Pet those two cuties for me,


  2. Young Lady, you just put on your big-girl undergarments and GO!

    Do you need a pep talk?

  3. We're behind you - giving you a big push!!

  4. Sometimes you have to just hold your nose and jump!! x

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  6. Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said: You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

    Get on it.

  7. Remember, the longer you do nothing the easier nothing is to do. I speak from experience in this case. You have worked hard on your script. Stopping now would be like not writing the last scene. I don't think you're one to leave a job unfinished, so what have you got to lose, other than a few bruised feelings?