Monday, July 8, 2013


Behold the sparkly glasses - they are still so delightful.
I'm planning on buying software to help me format screenplays. I can use all the help I can get. It all seems like a giant puzzle. I miss novel writing if for no other reason than ease of formatting. 

Okay I miss it for other reasons too. I like making pictures with words. Screenwriting is more like describing the picture with words. I hope that distinction makes sense - it makes sense to me. It seems easier to plot a screenplay and easier to lose yourself in writing a novel (in a good way).

Did I mention how done I already am with Summer? It has been so hot and I thought we were getting a break in temps but that came with humidity. Ugg. I can't wait till October!


  1. Ah, a pic of the glasses! Cool. :-)

    I didn't even know there was screen-writing software, not sure why it wouldn't occur to me. Maybe it comes with a Muse too? :-)

    I'm not quite done with summer, though it's hellishly muggy here, with no ac in the house. But I hate wearing long johns for 5 or 6 months even more. LOL.

  2. Very nice!!!!

    We get the summer about ten days after you apparently! Now we have got summer!! Thanks :)

  3. I'm loving my Summer so far but I'm at our beach place (ac) and not at home (no ac).

    Talk to me next week when I'm back home. Fan city ..

    Writing, I wanted but life got in the way.

    Hope you get done what I didn't.