Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garage Sale

Hubby found out that a few of our neighbors are planning a Garage Sale this weekend. We're not really prepared for a big sale but there sure is some stuff laying around that could go.

On the one hand I love the idea of paring things down and getting rid of things we no longer need. I almost like getting rid of stuff more than acquiring it - okay maybe not that much. On the other hand I always feel a little miffed when people want to dicker.

When we had the last sale I put on what I thought was a fair price (I wanted the stuff to go). Only to have people offer way less than the price I put on it.All I could think about was how much I paid for it originally.

It was painful to see someone offer pennies on my dollars. It had a profound impact on me last time. Every time I thought about buying something I would wonder if it would be on next year's sales table.

It changed the way my hubby thought too. He discovered a real love of the thrill of the sale. He loved to dicker. So I plan on abandoning him and just enjoying the spoils.

So I can go out and get new stuff... on sale. Maybe at our neighbor's garage?


  1. hahaha!!! Been there done that.

    I think you're onto something, leaving hubby to the negotiations.
    Besides, you've got shopping to do!
    : )

  2. I had one garage sale (yard sale) years ago, with my ex, before we moved. Ugh. Too much work for too little return. I just donate all my items now, furniture included. I think of it as a pay-it-forward thing. LOL. But I just can't dicker, I'm not a salesperson, so there's no fun in it for me. Good luck!

  3. We don't really have garage sales, but we do have car boot sales!!