Monday, January 30, 2012


I recently posted about the fact that I had turned into the office curmudgeon and I was determined to change myself back into the joyful person I am meant to be. I am very excited to report that I have a new job! As of the end of February I will be a Senior Instructional Designer.

I had spent a great deal of time thinking about all the things I really hoped for in a job. I wanted to write and be creative for a living. I wanted to still be connected to a group of great co-workers and have a great boss. This job has all those things.

The funny thing is that it's not the job I initially applied for, but it seems the right job found me instead.

Turns out that the nice woman who interviewed me for the original job thought I should have this job instead. She contacted my new boss and mentioned me, they contacted a recruiter who asked if I minded being considered for a promotion instead.  I said it would be fine. The next thing I knew I had an interview and a new job offer.

I was still wrestling with the choice to leave my current job and having a difficult time with the decision. I like so many of the things about my current job, and I wished it could become the job I needed to move forward.

I suddenly remembered a dream I had when I applied for the job inititally. I had wrestled with the decision to look for a new job at all and I had asked for a sign and that night the dream came. In the dream I was faced with a decision to follow my family down a scary staircase that was also a waterfall, I think we all remember how graceful I am, I was afraid of falling so I decided to find an elevator instead.

The elevator ride was even scarier it turned out, and it dropped me off far from my destination. I had to spend the rest of the dream struggling to find my way back to my loved ones. I realized that the message I was being sent was that no matter how scary the obvious path looks, in the long run it's less scary than not following it. It is the obvious path for a reason.

Even though change is scary for me, I can see that this is clearly the obvious path. I am heeding the message the universe was kind enough to send to me (multiple times and in multiple formats) and following the path towards the future.


  1. Our Mom says things always have a way of working out. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds divine! And besides, don't you think a curmudgeon should really be a crusty, yummmy breakfast pastry? xoxo

  2. This is fantastic, congratulations! We're thrilled for you, so happy. :-)

    The mom says the Universe has to hit her over the head, figuratively speaking, before she "gets" things. Hints are too subtle. LOL.

  3. Hey! Congratulations on your new job! Working with your furry girl by your side is just the best thing ever.

  4. It's a win win! Well done, Meg. Sounds ideal :)

  5. So fantastic!!!!!! Concatulations!

  6. Wow! That is just so cool! THAT is what my Mommy does! She is a Instructional Designer Deneloper and OnLine Help Creator that works out of a virtual office!
    We loves having her home, me is sur Fin will too.
    We is sure Yous will loves your life and what a paw some dream! Just like real life.
    We sends you lots of kisses and we are here for Yous!
    Nellie and her Mom

  7. Congratulations! Wonderful news! I know its always hard to leave behind what we know and are comfortable with, but remember, at one point you were unfamiliar with the job you have right now. :) Floofy Fin will be thrilled to have you home with her during the day!

  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I know how much you were wanting a change like this. : )

  9. Congratulations! This was meant to be!!

  10. this sounds FABULOUS!! I am one that believes in "signs" and you must remember there ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!

    It was no coincidence you were suggested for the other job, because that one is the right one!


  11. I'm happy for you; it sounds like you are making the right choice.
    Thank you again for your sweet comments regarding Alice -- it has been so hard and it really is a comfort to hear from fellow animal lovers. Our pets are family members.
    Good luck!!!