Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take Care

I am well on the mend after the tooth outing. Ready for business, if not yet for really solid food. I had a long weekend to recoup and I have to say it got me thinking.

What is it about being sick that allows me to take care of myself far better than when I am well? When I am sick, I listen to my body.

I sleep when I'm tired, even if it's at 6pm on a Friday. I get up when I am no longer tired, even if it's at 4am on a Sunday.

I put down the laptop and welcome my kitty Finny into my lap, even when I have writing to do. We watch TV or read books together (I do most of the reading). I tell my husband what I want when he asks if he can get me something.

I eat when I am hungry and I don't when I'm not hungry.  I eat what will nourish me and stay away from things that will be harmful for me.

I got a visceral reaction when the waitress put down my breakfast yesterday. "This is way too much food for a lady with a sore jaw." I thought. The realization that it was also way too much food for a lady without a sore jaw rushed in right after. I've had to eat slowly and consider each bite, and I like that it has made me enjoy each bite and know when enough was enough.

I'm so grateful that I am healing well and getting better all the time, but I think I will take some of the things I've learned from being sick and try to get better all the time.


  1. Me is so happy yous is healing well! Me is worried about my Mommy though. She broke what she calls a crown, She is lisping when she talks and spits too. When she smiled, me noticed that she was missing a front tooth! She can't wait for Monday.

  2. Well said. Truth is, alot of us (me) can relate to this. Good to hear you are healing.

  3. Pamper yourself. It will assure that all heals as well as possible.

  4. We can learn much from cats! They have the pamper gene!

  5. Fantastic epiphany! Wish I had thought of that!! I think I may listen to some of what you have learned from this myself. I bet Fin is happy to have extra lap time. :) If you get a chance today stop by my blog and join a new hop I started for Monday's. I would like to feature you as the Blogger to meet in a couple of weeks if you would be willing. Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Glad to hear you are healing well and relaxing with Fin.

  7. That's very insightful, Meg...
    I've been sick lately too and this is making me feel better about taking care.
    : )