Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Here!

So day two of the new job and so far so good. I am a little brain dead with all the new things I am learning.

I feel like I've landed in another country, and the language is something I've never heard. Sure I know most of the words, but they are used in unfamiliar combinations. I'm sure it will all come together at some point, but for now I am trying to let it all soak in gradually.

I met my mentor today. The one who belongs to the writer's group from down the street. She is delightful. I'm hopeful we can forge a nice friendship on common ground.

I'm too much of a pudding head to manage too many more thoughts tonight.

I got a request for a meeting that starts at 4am my time tomorrow morning. I think that has to be optional right?


  1. a 4am meeting??? Seriously????????????? OMG!!!

    Wishing you the BEST of luck! knock 'em dead!

  2. Princess will be up. Could you feed her on your way out? LOL Good luck and hang in there!

  3. I know you will do well!! 4am meeting?? Yikes!! I hope it's optional!!

  4. 4am! Seriously? Not even the roosters are up that early. But good luck! I know you will do well. Give Fin a pet from me.

  5. Do not worry. It gets easier.
    Kisses for Nellie and Hugs from Nellie's Mom

  6. We are excited for you! But 4 am is time for a CAT meeting, not a human meeting.

  7. A 4AM meeting isn't reasonable at all. I mean, I'm awake and up and puttering around, but not dressed or in work mode at 4AM.

  8. Laurie and the "Girls"February 29, 2012 at 6:26 AM

    Maybe the meeting is mandatory, but wearing pajama's and a Granny Cat helping you work would make the meeting a bit more tolerable!

    Have a great day and thanks for the postings. They always bring a smile to my face!

  9. 4am? Certainly that must have been a mistake. You know, like when you set up a meeting for noon and it shows up as midnight! ....unless....are they in cahoots with Fin??? She strikes me as a 4am kind of gal.
    ; )