Sunday, August 26, 2012


I finally decided to say goodbye to my alarm clock. The on and off button for the radio has been broken for ages. It never worked well, then after years of struggling to push it on and off, it broke in the off position. I don't use the radio - except for waking up of course - so I wasn't too concerned. It still came on in the morning, and turned off, if I used the switch to turn off the alarm.

Sure I had no way of knowing what the sound volume was like - always a surprise in the morning. Would I hear it at all - or would it blow me out of the sheets. No wonder Fin and Quill hated it so.

I typically always wake up before my alarm goes off. Years of a fur alarm named Fin helped. I don't care to hear alarms at all. I stop the microwave seconds before it goes off too, for the same reason. 

Quill is happy to sleep in, so when I saw alarm clocks on sale in a Back to School sale, I decided it was time to go for a new one yesterday. I was pretty excited when I plugged her in. I set right to getting the time correct.

I discovered it has a weekday and a weekend alarm. Sweet.

It figured out the time zone automatically - and changes itself when the time changes! Seriously!

Well last night came the best part. The power transformer down the street was struck by a car and all the power went out in the middle of the night. After about an hour the power came back on - thankfully. Of course it was a Saturday night, I wasn't too worried about setting the time, so I didn't.

I woke up this morning, expecting to be disoriented by not knowing the time, and I looked over to discover it had set itself! Yep my new super-charged alarm clock set itself to the correct time. I guess it scans (something?) and sets its own time.

All this for $19.99! I wonder if it makes breakfast too?


  1. I have an alarm clock like that too! And doesn't make breakfast, unfortunately. That was the deluxe model. ;)

  2. I need a new alarm clock to replace one I've had for over 25 yrs. Are you allowed to mention the brand, model, or where you bought it?

  3. Sorry, I couldn't get by " Quill is happy to sleep in"????? Are you sure he is a cat? ;)

  4. I use my phone as an alarm clock but used to use a radio alarm clock as you did.

    I am with CATachresis "Quill is happy to sleep in? Are you sure he is a cat?"

    I couldn't agree more!

  5. I don't need my alarm. I have two furry ginger ones that wake me 2-3 hours before I want to get up, seven days a week.

  6. To Kelly J - It's the Timex® Redi-Set® Dual Alarm Clock Radio Still on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond 19.99

    1. Thank you! I'll go today. :)

  7. To Carolyn and Caren - He may be a dog... He just brings his toys into bed with him and plays there.

  8. Me has just gived yous the Kreative Blogger Award on my site. Me LOVES your blog, and your sense of humor. If yous already has it, we has gived yous the award because we thinks yous IS KREATIVE.
    Kisses Nellie and Mommy

  9. Siri wakes up Glogirly everyday. Cod knows I can't.
    ; ) Katie