Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who me?

I had the oddest call the other day. Some nice lady called me to ask me about my charge card. Had I been shopping that morning?


Did I buy a hundred bucks worth of perfume?

Um, never in my life.

Did I spend a couple hundred at a jewelry store?

No, but I wish! Hey Hubby, did you buy me any presents today? Hm, no.

How about four hundred at a lingerie store-

Stop right there, Uh, you got the wrong lady!

Someone stole my credit card number, and they were out in the world having a great time with it.  A far better time than I have ever had with it for sure.

I was so grateful a they noticed the odd spending pattern in the same day it started. They were able to take steps to cancel my card immediately.

Apparently my cheap ways made it easy to spot the change quickly and efficiently. So at least there's good news.


  1. Glad they caught it early. I always get so annoyed with them when they call me cause we really are the ones making the charges. Apparently they can't establish a pattern with us.

  2. I've gotten a call like that...the thief bought a Honeybaked Ham and athletic shoes...go figure!

  3. The credit card companies are being very cautious now. When I made an on-line purchase from an overseas company, my credit card company put an immediate hold on my card until they could confirm with me that the purchase was legit. I think they have been burned one too many times!

  4. My mom gets a call everytime there's something other than vet bills and pet store charges!


    The way it should be.

  5. Well for a moment or two you were able to live vicariously through your identity thief.
    ; ) GG

  6. I've had a couple of those! Some idiot tried to spend £1000 on something I would never buy in a store I would never go to. Stupid, or what? Security is fairly good now, but slows everything down and I have more passwords than MI5!

  7. That is great that they caught it. Nobody noticed when ours was used for $700 extra dollars putting us in overdraft. It made me feel so extravagant that nobody questioned it...oh, and furious!

  8. that is a super alert company and YES thank goodness they caught that early! Hopefully they were able to remove the charges right away

  9. Someone is getting ready for a lovely evening in lock up!! ;) So glad you caught it quick. I know your not responsible for the charges when your card is stolen but it is still a hassle!! I would love the info on the Clean and Green so I can share it, you can always post it right to the Facebook page too. That was an amazing discount find and that stuff is great. I have been being a bum but will have the blog post updated tomorrow. Have a great week.

  10. That happened to me when we came back from Las Vegas a couple of years ago. We stayed overnight at an expensive London airport hotel after we landed so we would be fresh to drive home the next day. We had been home about 15 minutes when I got a phone call to say there were 15 or so unusual charges on my card. The charges all originated in London so could only have come from that hotel. An employee must have cloned my card when they took an imprint at check in. Strangely they were all for small amounts, but the person who called me said they often do that to test it out before putting in the big one.