Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rough Week

The best part of working at home?

When you have one of those days at the office - when you just wish you could have a good, five-minute cry in your bed - you can.

Okay, maybe it isn't the best part. I do love my furry co-worker too.

The worst part of working from home?

Knowing all the work you have piling up on your desk is only twenty-five feet away from your bed - with a kitten lounging on it. 

Some days I can tell any rough patch is, at least in part hormonally-charged, but I think I had some legitimately rough edges this week.

Although the desire to hook-up an IV drip of chocolate by the desk - does point back to hormones.

I have a couple of days of vacation, making for a very long weekend. I am thrilled. I plan on averting my eyes whenever I walk past my office. Quill might not appreciate the lock-out.

He enjoys putting in the full eight - he even puts in overtime and sleeps through lunch.


  1. Hang in there! I envy being able to work in your jammies!
    Dinner was delish...thanks!

  2. Good to hear that Quill has that endurance thing down! LOL!

  3. We all have those times. Hang in there...and enjoy your weekend...and that cute little furball!


  4. Seriously this hormone thing is really for the birds! I am so tired of being tired and grumpy and just hurting all over. And the heat isn't helping either!!!
    Working from home must have a lot of pros and cons. Never getting away from work has gotta be frustrating sometimes. Hopefully the better parts will come along soon!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. I think we should start a club for the hormonely challenged!! It gets better. Chin up xx

  6. I think the best part of working from home is not washig your hair or showering for 2 days (at least lol)....ooops.......I didn't say that