Monday, January 30, 2012


I recently posted about the fact that I had turned into the office curmudgeon and I was determined to change myself back into the joyful person I am meant to be. I am very excited to report that I have a new job! As of the end of February I will be a Senior Instructional Designer.

I had spent a great deal of time thinking about all the things I really hoped for in a job. I wanted to write and be creative for a living. I wanted to still be connected to a group of great co-workers and have a great boss. This job has all those things.

The funny thing is that it's not the job I initially applied for, but it seems the right job found me instead.

Turns out that the nice woman who interviewed me for the original job thought I should have this job instead. She contacted my new boss and mentioned me, they contacted a recruiter who asked if I minded being considered for a promotion instead.  I said it would be fine. The next thing I knew I had an interview and a new job offer.

I was still wrestling with the choice to leave my current job and having a difficult time with the decision. I like so many of the things about my current job, and I wished it could become the job I needed to move forward.

I suddenly remembered a dream I had when I applied for the job inititally. I had wrestled with the decision to look for a new job at all and I had asked for a sign and that night the dream came. In the dream I was faced with a decision to follow my family down a scary staircase that was also a waterfall, I think we all remember how graceful I am, I was afraid of falling so I decided to find an elevator instead.

The elevator ride was even scarier it turned out, and it dropped me off far from my destination. I had to spend the rest of the dream struggling to find my way back to my loved ones. I realized that the message I was being sent was that no matter how scary the obvious path looks, in the long run it's less scary than not following it. It is the obvious path for a reason.

Even though change is scary for me, I can see that this is clearly the obvious path. I am heeding the message the universe was kind enough to send to me (multiple times and in multiple formats) and following the path towards the future.