Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally Friday

Friday I am so glad you're back! Boy have I missed you this week!

It has been a rough week at work. I am ready for the break. My best pal is coming to town and I am taking Monday off. Projects be darned.

The kitties have taken to a few rounds of wrestle mania in my office at about 9am every morning this week. I happen to have been on conference calls for each round.

I've had to scramble to shoo them out of the office - actually one of them - to calm things down.

Things always seem to start with a bath. One of them starts to give the other a bath - soon the licks become chews and then it's ON. This week things seem a bit more intense - but they both keep coming back for more. I decided to spray a little calming spray around all the hot spots. We'll see how it goes.

Next week is Quill's Birthday - at least the one I backed into. I can't believe my sweet boy is a year old already. In May it will be his Gotcha Day.

Between now and then there will be a sad anniversary. The day I lost my girl Finny. I still miss her so, but I am always comforted by the feeling she is here with me. I can't be sad for too long when I have two handsome kitty faces staring back at me with love.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I was strolling through the grocery store the other day when I spied them. A whole display of lovely orchid plants.

I just love orchids. I had them all over my wedding, so many years ago. The are special to me. They're so delicate and yet sturdy too. Often they need a little support to stand tall and I think it's a nice reminder that we all need a little support sometimes.

Now, I love them - too much to take them home. Because I fear I am a killer - of plants. I do try to keep them healthy. I tend to be an overwaterer. Kill em with kindness is my motto.

Plus of course they are pricey and I have mentioned before I am a little cheap. I typically can't justify 20+ dollars for a plant.

So like every other time I see the bounty of loveliness - I headed right over to admire them. Then I saw the price. A 4.99 Easter blow-out. Seriously? Five bucks! Seriously!

So now I have a lovely orchid plant on the kitchen counter. Creamy white petals with bold pink centers. I am enjoying them so very much.

No special occasion - just life - and I'm seeing that is reason enough to treat yourself to something special.