Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working Vacation

I took a couple of days off this week. No plans, just not working. I am really enjoying my new job now, but I had started to feel a little penned in. It was time to take some time off. It's funny to think that the only real difference between a work day and a vacation day is a stroll down the hallway and a turn into my office.

Before I started my new job, I had been so worried about being dedicated to working while still being in my house. So often, I avoid working on my own creative endeavors within these walls, and I worried I would feel the same way about real life work.

I don't though. I work with ease and dedication when someone is counting on me. Even when I am not feeling it, I plunge in and do it anyway. After a while, I lose myself in acronyms and procedures and before I know it the day is done and work was accomplished.

So I realized my resistance to writing my own work is all in my head, or maybe my heart. Fear is a powerful force.

With empty vacation days looming on the horizon I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I felt the same sense anxiousness I always do. Knowing in my heart I should be doing the thing that brings me peace and yet somehow is the thing I often deny myself. 

I decided to try an experiment today. I walked down the hall and turned into my office with my own laptop in tow. I dedicated myself with the same level to my own work that I get paid for every other day. It was a weird sensation to sit in the same spot, and feel that sense of dedication, but this time to myself.

I got down to work and looked up four hours and five pages later. Turns out all that time writing in my head makes writing on the page a little easier. As I write this I am afraid that tomorrow I will revert to my old ways, but I pray I will choose love and joy over silly fears.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Son Day - Mom Style

So last night I woke up at two in the morning, nothing unusual. I headed to the bathroom, nothing unusual there either. These days Quill joins me in the bathroom, so he can partake of the spare litter box, or the dish of kitten chow.

Even in my drowsy state, I realized something was off. What was it? Hm. Wait, no kitten. Odd. Surely he is going to be coming along shortly...

Hand washing and still a no show. I tried to think back to when I felt him next to me in the night... I had no recollection of him coming to bed. Panic started to set in. He always comes to bed with me. He had stayed up late playing with hubby, but still he should have been right behind me.

I started to check all his usual spots, and nothing. I rechecked them all again, this time calling his name in ever increasing decibels. Full-On Freak Out anyone? Yes please!

I woke hubby up and we looked again. I went into the garage and in a complete panic went outside. Suddenly a sleepy-eyed Quill strolled out of my office, confused by all the fuss. I scooped him up and snuggled him with a vengeance.

I spotted his kitten hidey-hole this morning. He is getting behind the books on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. He is really a cave kitten.

I just love this picture of us that Trish took. Whenever he is unsure, I am his security blanket. As long as he can get behind me, all is right with the world for my sweet boy.