Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Pardon the randomness of news today.

Item One - I went for a mammogram today. I don't know if you know, but I have a condition that causes me to get hives from physical pressure. So you can imagine the day after a mammogram is not a lot of fun for me. Glad it's over though.

Item Two - I get an email from Amazon letting me know about products and books I might be interested in. I appreciate they care about me enough to give me ideas on how to spend money. Seriously I like a well thought out recommendation. So today I noticed Housecat Confidential as a subject line in an email from Amazon. That's right they recommend my own book to me. Apparently I am my own customer! How fun is that?

Item Three - I am about 7 pages away from finishing the first draft of my screenplay/future book!! I am so excited to finish. All this storyline swirling in my head for so long, and finally it is almost all out of me and on the page. I have lots of rewrites ahead of course, but I am going to be so happy to see complete. I always worry that I don't have the fortitude to finish what I start, so when I accomplish something it's a big deal for me. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Fall? Where are you buddy?

I miss you. It is too darned hot still. Mr Summer has overstayed his welcome here.

I can't wait to start to walk outdoors again. Actually to do anything outside really.

I feel like I hibernate all Summer, and come out of my cave around this time of year. I feel like the Groundhog of Groundhog Day fame. I stick my head out of my warren, and if it's over 100 degrees it's going to be two more weeks of Summer.

I shall continue to look for you pal.