Thursday, May 17, 2012


We are taking this moment in time to do some refreshing in the house. Well, we're considering anyway. Yet it seems like every time we consider changing anything it is a struggle. By and large, Hubby and I have similar taste, so you would think it would be easy, but it never is.

We agonized for years over the color of the outside of our home. It seems we can't get a new comforter without needing to change everything from the carpet to the appliances. It seems a big jump right? But it's easy. Let me walk you through it.

So we'll change the comforter.
Wait, the paint doesn't match. I guess we need to repaint. We totally do!
Wait, the new paint wont match the curtains - Okay then, we'll change curtains too.
Hmm. Nothing matches carpet now - Well, it's got to go anyway. We can't afford to re-carpet. But we have to, it doesn't match anything anymore.
Gee, I wish that sofa could go too.
We really would need a new fridge before we can change the sofa.
Okay a new fridge then.
What color would we go with? Cream goes with what we have, but the stainless looks nice. We should probably replace them all. I mean they need to all match.
There's no way we can afford all that.
Okay no new comforter then. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


When I said the house was too quiet to work this weekend - I think someone got the wrong idea. I was praying for the pitter-patter of tiny paws to find their way to me.

I see now I needed to be specific. Sure, the house was far from quiet today, but not in the way I hoped. Ten minutes after hubby left this morning I heard a load chirp.

"What was that?"


"Is that inside the house?"


"Seriously, what is that?"


At this point I could no longer ignore my new companion. Upon investigation, I discovered it was the shrill voice of the smoke alarm in the bedroom. Apparently, just wanting to let me know it's battery needed changing.


"Okay. I got it. But you are 13 feet in the air and I can't carry the ladder in here myself. So you're just gonna need to keep it down till hubby gets home tonight."


"Seriously? You're gonna keep this up all day?"