Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rough Week

The best part of working at home?

When you have one of those days at the office - when you just wish you could have a good, five-minute cry in your bed - you can.

Okay, maybe it isn't the best part. I do love my furry co-worker too.

The worst part of working from home?

Knowing all the work you have piling up on your desk is only twenty-five feet away from your bed - with a kitten lounging on it. 

Some days I can tell any rough patch is, at least in part hormonally-charged, but I think I had some legitimately rough edges this week.

Although the desire to hook-up an IV drip of chocolate by the desk - does point back to hormones.

I have a couple of days of vacation, making for a very long weekend. I am thrilled. I plan on averting my eyes whenever I walk past my office. Quill might not appreciate the lock-out.

He enjoys putting in the full eight - he even puts in overtime and sleeps through lunch.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who me?

I had the oddest call the other day. Some nice lady called me to ask me about my charge card. Had I been shopping that morning?


Did I buy a hundred bucks worth of perfume?

Um, never in my life.

Did I spend a couple hundred at a jewelry store?

No, but I wish! Hey Hubby, did you buy me any presents today? Hm, no.

How about four hundred at a lingerie store-

Stop right there, Uh, you got the wrong lady!

Someone stole my credit card number, and they were out in the world having a great time with it.  A far better time than I have ever had with it for sure.

I was so grateful a they noticed the odd spending pattern in the same day it started. They were able to take steps to cancel my card immediately.

Apparently my cheap ways made it easy to spot the change quickly and efficiently. So at least there's good news.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I finally decided to say goodbye to my alarm clock. The on and off button for the radio has been broken for ages. It never worked well, then after years of struggling to push it on and off, it broke in the off position. I don't use the radio - except for waking up of course - so I wasn't too concerned. It still came on in the morning, and turned off, if I used the switch to turn off the alarm.

Sure I had no way of knowing what the sound volume was like - always a surprise in the morning. Would I hear it at all - or would it blow me out of the sheets. No wonder Fin and Quill hated it so.

I typically always wake up before my alarm goes off. Years of a fur alarm named Fin helped. I don't care to hear alarms at all. I stop the microwave seconds before it goes off too, for the same reason. 

Quill is happy to sleep in, so when I saw alarm clocks on sale in a Back to School sale, I decided it was time to go for a new one yesterday. I was pretty excited when I plugged her in. I set right to getting the time correct.

I discovered it has a weekday and a weekend alarm. Sweet.

It figured out the time zone automatically - and changes itself when the time changes! Seriously!

Well last night came the best part. The power transformer down the street was struck by a car and all the power went out in the middle of the night. After about an hour the power came back on - thankfully. Of course it was a Saturday night, I wasn't too worried about setting the time, so I didn't.

I woke up this morning, expecting to be disoriented by not knowing the time, and I looked over to discover it had set itself! Yep my new super-charged alarm clock set itself to the correct time. I guess it scans (something?) and sets its own time.

All this for $19.99! I wonder if it makes breakfast too?