Thursday, March 21, 2013

Settling In

Well the kittens are settling in to the routine together. I am so happy they are getting along so well. I was so worried. I tend to do that though. Worry.

It is such a useless activity. It doesn't fix any problem. If you believe in the idea the universe brings you what you think about the most - then it may actually be hurting things. It doesn't seem to make it any easier for me to stop it though.

Worrying is one of those activities I'd like to give up. Maybe take up faithing instead. I'd like to replace worry with believing that everything is as it should be. All part of the grand design.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well finally you get a real perk for reading this blog. 

First peek.

Better limber up your squee muscles.

Meet our Greyson. 

I'll be sharing all the details on my Housecat Confidential blog, but here's the low down. We scooped up Greyson last Monday. I had met him about two weeks before, but he had a very bad cold and was put in quarantine. 

He is about 4 months old. He is very friendly and playful. He likes to wrestle and therein lies my worry. He and Quill are getting along pretty well, but Quill isn't always sure how to take the little fella. 

I've never had two cats before, so I don't always know what is acceptable play and when things are getting a little too hot. Greyson will pounce Quill and then Quill gives chase and it usually ends in a wrestle. After awhile of that things seem to get a little hotter. When I put one in the cool zone they cry to get back together and play patty paws under the door.

Greyson is a frustrated squeaker (he squeaks at us too at times). So it's hard to tell if he's in trouble or just frustrated he can't get the upper paw. 

He is a bit bossy too, he likes to push Quill out of his dish and wants to share Quill's window posts. So I don't want to take away Quill's right to defend his status either.

Greyson seems to want to snuggle with Quill. Quill has given him some sweet licks. They are falling asleep closer and closer.  So I think things are working themselves out. Any advice is welcome, cause we really want it to work out.