Sunday, April 3, 2016

And We're Back

It's been a long time since I've posted on this blog my friends. I can't say I'll post too often. How about, I'll post when I feel compelled to say something, rather than feel compelled because of some external force.

Today I'm posting to say my book, which began as a screenplay is about to be out. Pain By Proxy is up for pre-sale on the e-book stores.

Isn't the cover pretty? My big sis made it!
It'll go live on the 16th of April and I'm super excited... and a little scared.

It's been such a long journey, and it hasn't been easy, and now for better or worse, it's over. I worry that I'm throwing a party and no one will come. I suppose that's the way you always feel when you finish a creative project.

You put your heart and soul into something, and then you put it out into the world to find it's place. You hope it'll find acceptance, and no one will take it's lunch money.

In these moments of fear and doubt, I wonder why I felt it necessary to do it at all... because I did feel it was necessary. I tried to ignore the call, and it wouldn't leave me. I have to trust there was a reason, and a purpose, and give up my fears.

So off into the world you go, little booky. Play nice with the other books! And if anyone's mean to you, well you know what to do - I made you strong and capable of kicking butt for a reason.


  1. Oh, how very exciting! Congratulations! We are sure it is excellent.

  2. Well done you, Meg! Before the book is published it belongs to you, But afterwards it belongs to everyone else and it is frightening to think what they might do with it!! xx

  3. Can't wait to read it! Whoooohooooo!

  4. Can't wait to read it! Whoooohooooo!

  5. This is awesome! Congratulations!