Monday, November 25, 2013

So Exciting

I am feeling pretty excited! I had sent my screenplay off to a "Coverage Service." It's similar to editing for a novel. They rate your script on things like concept, dialogue, characters and plotting. They also give it an overall rating.

My overall rating was a Strong Consider, which is very good for a first attempt. Not yet a Recommend but pretty close. I am so happy to know I was on the right track.

My little script has "a truly original premise, a compelling plot, memorably complex characters and strong dialog throughout." Yippee!! He said my antagonist was sheer cinema candy and might be the sexiest character ever devised. Who knew?   

The Coverer (not sure that is a real term) had a couple of concerns regarding the plot in the middle sections and I think I was able to fix his concerns. So hopefully the next time someone reads it, someone who would buy it, they will. Of course that's the hard part - getting it into the hands of the right person.

It's a bit daunting, but I am just going to follow my instincts and hope that the Universe wants to help. I'm hopeful that someone will help me navigate the waters of Hollywood and avoid the sharks.


  1. Wow, this sounds fabulous! Fingers and paws crossed that you sell your screenplay. How cool would that be?

  2. That is so exciting! I think you must be walking on air....or writing on air?

  3. OMG I WANT YOUR PAWTOGRAPH and I sooo apologize that I haven't had a chance to read it yet :(

  4. Well done! You must feel ten feet tall to know you are well on track! :) Caro x

  5. Good for you.
    I always wanted to write.
    I never did.
    So, thrilled for you.